Electronic Digital-Drum-Kit DD-205

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digital drum kit, 10 drum kits, 108 sounds, LED display, USB, MIDI out

Styrdy hardware combined with rubber drum-pads and a quality sound module make the Hayman DD-205 suitable for both beginners and more experienced drummers. A module with 7 buttons and a 3 digit LED display make the set easy to operate. Built-in reverb make the sound better and more spacious.The USB connector allows you to transfer MIDI signals to a computer.


- 10 built in drumkits
- 108 voices
- 40 patterns
- digital reverb
- 4 rubber pads with a diameter of 19 cm
- 3 rubber/plastic cymbal pads with a diameter of 25 cm
- Midi out thru USB and MIDI out socket
- 3 digit LED display
- multi connector on the back of the module for easy and fast installation

Front panel:

- Master volume knob
- start/Stop button
- 3 digit LED display
- Click button
- Mode button
- Page button
- +- buttons


- Headphones
- Aux in
- Line out
- USB Connector
- Midi out
- Power connector
- Multi connector (to connect the pads)

Drumsticks, power supply, drum key, manual and setup guide are included.

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