Hayman Pro Series E-Drumkit DD-10

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Hayman Pro Series E-Drumkit DD-10
More expression, bigger impression.
DD-10’s dual triggers of fer rim shots on the snare
and bell or edge play on thecymbals.
The new sof touch© polymer drum pads deliver a more accurate and realistic feel.
Finally, the cymbal choke sensors of fer quick hand mute.

  • E-Drumkit,
  • 20 Preset +
  • 30 User Kits,
  • 389 Sounds,
  • Dual trigger Pads
  • LED Display,
  • 2-Spur-Aufnahme
Produktinfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L140sr-Qdf0

The DD-10 comes as displayed.
Necessary setup tools are included.
Just set it up using the step-by -step guide,
plug in and take off!